Sink Home Inventory Services
Providing a safety net for your personal items.
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How the Process Works

What if you lost everything today?



Why do you need home inventory?

Fire, floods, tornadoes, and burglary are all disasters that happen when we least expect it. Insurance companies require a detailed list of lost or damaged items for claims purposes. This can take hours and a lot of patience. You could lose thousands of dollars trying to inventory and remember the items you owned after disaster strikes.  Why not let us do it for you?

As a local firefighter I've seen the aftermath of disaster. I've seen families rummaging through the remains of their homes in order to account for every item they had. This can be very emotional and dangerous. Why not plan ahead? Let Sink Home Inventory Services be a safety net for your personal property.

Planning your estate or will?  Most families have the burden of sorting through their loved ones belongings after they have passed, deciding who gets what.  This can make the grieving process even harder.  Make it easier for them and let Sink Home Inventory Services do the work for you.






We Offer:

-A detailed portfolio listing everything you own with photos and serial numbers

-Your portfolio backed up on flash drive or disk

-5 and 10 year service plans

-Optional portfolio back up on encrypted database

-A friendly piece of mind knowing that ALL of your personal items can be replaced


Sink Home Inventory Services

Kansas City, KS